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SCFullCMS with 24 Modular positions

They are now available 24 new modular items for positioning the desired content in different modular sections across the platform.

By activating the module by the "Modules" in the administrative panel of the platform, you can choose a module (example: News, Menus, Information pages Sliders, Banners, etc.) To visualize in one or more of the following positions modular platform. This is done by entering section Layouts in administrative panel and load the desired module in one of these positions :

  • Content Top Header Top
  • Content Top Header Left
  • Content Top Header Center
  • Content Top Header Right
  • Content Top Header Bottom
  • Content Header
  • Content Under Header Top
  • Content Under Header Left
  • Content Under Header Center Left
  • Content Under Header Center Right
  • Content Under Header Right
  • Content Under Header Bottom
  • Content Container Top
  • Content Top
  • Column Left
  • Column Right
  • Content Bottom
  • Under Content Top
  • Under Content Left
  • Under Content Center Left
  • Under Content Center Right
  • Under Content Right
  • Under Content Bottom
  • Content Footer Top