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Welcome to SCFullCMS

After a long time of development, our new platform SCFullWCMS is available to our customers. It comes in the form of Advertising Web Sites

The platform is a combination of two parts :

  • Clients part - Used by Advertising Web Site accessible and visible to the whole world
  • Administrative part - Used for Administration of the information displayed in your Advertising Web Site. It is accessible only for the site owner
By the administration of information in administrative part of the site (Administration panel), you will be able to operate entirely with :

  • Advertising content on your Web site, such as menus, information pages, information pages Gall, catalog products, advertising banners, advertising sliders and much more
  • The modular structure of your Web Site Advertising, choosing from various templates built into our platform
  • Design your advertising Web site, changing colors, placement, sizing, background images, background colors and many other extra features in our section "Design"
  • And many other features and statistics ...
More detailed information can be found at this address : SCFullWCMS-Website